Head Coach / EMS Trainer

Sammy I. Laureto known as Coach Ton, 35 years old, married, is a native of Tobias Fornier, Antique and has lived in Taguig, Manila since 1999. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology from the Philippine College of Criminology in 2004. Coach Ton is a registered criminologist, a licensed protection agent and a member of Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines and International Federation of Bodyguards.

He started pumping iron at the gym since 2002 and visits the gym 4 to 5x a week. With this lifestyle and through hard weight workouts and good nutrition, his body completely transformed and able to get a great physique. He started to gain confidence to compete in various competitions in professional bodybuilding, physique/sport model and athletic category. Won 3rd place during his first competition in NAC Phil-Asia International Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship and qualified to compete in NABBA Mr. Universe 2015, he placed 2nd in athletic division held in Cebu City, Philippines. The following year, he continue his desires in joining competitions and won 3rd Place NAC Phil-Asia 2016, 2nd Place Gemmalyn Crosby Sports Festival 2016 and 4th Place Mutant Clash of Champions 2016.

Coach Ton is now the current head coach of Vision Gym Philippines. He is a certified EMS fitness trainer and they used to call him as the "strict commander" in the group. He has provided extensive workouts to his clients specifically in TRX, weight loss, muscle development, toning and sculpting definitely ensure that he delivers safe, effective yet fun and interesting workouts. He wanted to help by encouraging and motivating people in achieving their new goals and change their life for the better. Pushing them not to give up easily and always reminding them that health is wealth. He has a deep-rooted conviction on the following life truisms: "Don't give up! Try first before you quit". "No pain, no gain".




EMS Trainer

Graduated with a Degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education – Major in Computer at Rizal Technological University and passed the Licensure examination for teacher. Although he did not pursue his career in teaching in Public School, he worked as Technical Trainer in PLDT and Smart Communication project after he graduated still aligned in Teaching, Computer and Information Technology.

It only started as hobbies of working out in their local gym when he was 17yrs old and time goes by he`s starting to love what he is doing and he level up his hobbies into a career path and started to study fitness & bodybuilding and doing freelance personal training until he joined VisionGym Philippines the first ever gym in the Philippines using EMS (electro muscular stimulation) training.