Visiongym Philippines is set to change the fitness industry in Asia with the launch of VisionBody, a revolutionary wireless Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) functional training system designed to sculpt, shape, and tone the body quickly and effectively.

Available for the first time in Asia, the innovative training system which uses the latest German technology, is a powerful yet fun training tool that condenses four hours of conventional gym training into a 20-minute workout session led by a personal professional EMS Trainer. compared to the conventional training session, a EMS training session is an extremely effective, full-body workout that activates over 90% of muscles all at the same time. The Visiongym strategy is based on the EMS microstudio - a concept with a premium support system which has been proven to be highly successful in Europe.

We provide the most advanced and effective muscle strengthening, body shaping and weight loss technology of our time.

A short full-body workout of only a month with 2-3 sessions a week

Many scientific studies have proven the absolute safety and high effectiveness of this system.


Small, effective, and without huge investment costs - microstudios are the driver for growth in the fitness industry. They also address a target audience that do not want to get involved with regular fitness centres.


Full-body EMS training is growing in popularity. Because you will be personally guided through every training session, spends much less time than in a regular gym and experiences much faster results. The personal training option also raises the prestige value.

VisionBody PowerSuit

At Visiongym Philippines, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle. We have made it simple, affordable & convenient for everyone to achieve their personal health goals. Our team of professional trainers will design a holistic exercise program tailored to different needs, offering strength training, endurance training and cardio to achieve all body goals – from enhancing upper body muscle to achieving flat tummies, reducing cellulite, getting rid of post-natal weight gain and much more. Every member is supported and receives due attention from all the trainers and fitness reviews based on their fitness level, goals and motivations.